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Learning a foreign language, is it difficult?
This is the most uncomfortable question you can ask someone who takes their teaching job honestly…

How does it work (in a big shortcut)?
Learning in a group and overcoming the fear of speaking is at the same time learning listening and understanding. Thanks to the methods we use, students are focused on listening to each other which results in improving their reading skills. Correct reading leads to correct writing. In the process, we don’t separate those skills and we train them as an ensemble. This is why our students don’t even notice that they are bringing to perfection one skill while using another!

In Francofolie we also know, that your brain gets bored easily, which causes loss of concentration. Getting rid of this problem is our main challenge. We participate in different workshops, discussions, experiences exchanges, which gives us (along with our creativity) a great base to prepare lessons to teach you not just another language, but also we help you to understand the French culture and reality.

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